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Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures

Cheyenne Advanced Dental Arts

L. Scott Brooksby, DDS, DICOI

Prosthodontist practicing under Specialty License Number S5-09

8960 W. Cheyenne #190


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Cheyenne Advanced Dental Arts is located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the entertainment capital of the world. The owner of Cheyenne Advanced Dental Arts is L. Scott Brooksby, D.D.S., M.A.C.P, D.I.C.O.I. He is trained in the advanced techniques of creating Drop Dead Gorgeous Dentures.


Because dentures do not have teeth or other structures to secure them in place, a knowledge of the anatomy of the mouth is critical.  If you do not understand the muscles that can dislodge a denture, you will end up having them moved by those same muscles.  Utilizing specialized impression techniques we are able to develop the best fitting denture possible.  

It is still important to understand, however that after the teeth are lost the jaw bone slowly dissolves away.  This occurs with the upper jaw dissolving from the front backwards and the lower jaw dissolves from the back forwards.  This creates adverse leverage forces that eventually make it difficult to wear a denture without some form of help.  This is why denture adhesives is such a large industry.

As we create a new smile we are forced to contend with the challenge of developing a beautiful smile which may cause the dentures to be less stabile versus the more stabile biting forces that can be developed if the teeth are kept back over the ridge.  Sometimes people will actually have dentures that are for appearance and dentures that are for eating.  Others use liberal amounts of adhesive and accept that they must constantly reapply the glue.  Others opt for the placement of dental implants to secure their teeth in place allowing them to have both beauty and function.

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Our dentures are often created with a metal substructure that is light and thin.  This allows for improved fit and the ability to feel the temperatures of the foods that we eat.  It also gives more room for the tongue.  If dental implants are later placed the denture can be modified to fit over the implants and then eventually the palate can be removed from the upper denture allowing you to again taste your food.

Dr. Scott Brooksby, an advanced surgical prosthodontists, has created an office environment that is friendly, jovial and has specially trained staff that help you develop the smile that you want.  Dr. Brooksby and his in house dental technician each has over thirty year of experience in dentistry.  Whether they are creating a beautiful smile using dentures or saving your existing teeth they can provide options that are not available in most other dental offices.

In addition to discussing the options, you will always be advised of the advantages and disadvantages of each option as well as the total cost associated with your specific treatment choice.  We also have financing and prepayment discounts available to make it easy to get the smile you want.  Many people are want to know if dental insurance will help pay for their new smiles.  We have been the leaders in the Las Vegas Dental community incorporating the latest proven technologies.  We were one of the first offices to offer digital x-rays which allows us to provide original x-rays to anyone in the world with email within a matter of minutes.  With years of experience we are often the best choice for dealing with complications both with dentures as well as most other areas of dentistry.

If dentures are not for you at this time, Cheyenne Advanced Dental Arts can still provide treatment in other areas such as dental implants, crowns and bridges. Cosmetic dentistry is always incorporated into each treatment option selected.  We are able to provide all adult dentistry including cleanings, fillings, veneers, crowns, bridges, partials, dentures, bleaching, etc.